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The club is roaring on a typical Thursday night for DJ Vasu Patel and violinist Eddi Magic. This fall, the duo started performing at EOS where they soon became regulars. You can catch Patel and Magic performing Thursdays nights at EOS.

Everyone likes to unwind and have a good laugh with their friends, but City College Student Rosalee Wollman is turning her comedy into a career. Click here for the official transcript.

City College student Grace Tame's artwork was recently on display and for sale in a North Hollywood gallery. The artist is graduating this semester with an associate degree in Theatre Arts.

Fundamentals of Drawing student Krystal Krueger spends an hour drawing a pencil portrait.

Singer and songwriter Astrid Ankarcrona plays her original song "Fragments."

Byron Blanco puts on a nighttime fire performance on Leadbetter Beach.

Michael Young creates images through printmaking inspired by his childhood and negative emotions.

City College's Marine Diving Technology program took an offshore trip off the local coast of Hendry's beach. The MDT program is the only diving program offered at a community college in the nation.